Julie Woosley

Julie Woosley


    About Julie Woosley

    Family and friends describe Julie as organized, hardworking, a good listener and passionate about helping others.  She moved to the area in 2006 after participating as an artist in the Virginia Fall Foliage Art Show for several years.  A few years later, she met her husband and they currently live in Waynesboro.

    Julie has not followed the path well-traveled in life, but has instead created her own path.  As an exceptionally creative and capable artist, she started her own business at twenty-one, specializing in equine portraiture. Her minimalistic approach toward art and design reflects her personality as she strives to keep life simple.

    Julie’s ability to thrive under intense deadlines that cross between the smallest details and the largest issues has been a driving force behind her success in life.  Her business principles are based on honesty, integrity and clear communication.  In addition to being a REALTOR®, Julie puts her artistic talents to use for the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra and the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation.

    Favorite Local Restaurant: Ciro’s Pizza
    Favorite Local Non-Profits: Augusta Dog Adoptions, Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Waynesboro Heritage Foundation, and Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra

    Julie Woosley
    Julie with a pup at Augusta Dog Adoptions

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