Thinking about selling your home? If you are like the majority of homeowners, your house is probably one of your biggest investments, and can carry with it a great deal of sentimentality. Selling your home is a big deal, so finding and working with a REALTOR® who you trust and is knowledgeable about local market conditions is essential. Consider Westhills Ltd REALTORS your trusted resource to thoughtfully listen to your goals & guide you through this process.

Westhills Ltd REALTORS agents have built a reputation of integrity, knowledge, and client loyalty in Augusta County, Waynesboro, & Staunton. We pride ourselves on repeat business and hope you will come to understand why.

Helpful Tips to Get Started

The first step in your home selling process is to speak with a REALTOR® about your family’s goals. A good idea is to meet with a few agents to ensure you have compatibility. Your chosen agent will set-up an initial consultation to discuss your needs & complete a thorough pricing and marketing assessment of the property you intend to sell.

Below, are some key items to ponder when getting prepared for meeting with a listing agent.

What are your goals and timeline?
Share with your agent your motivation for moving, and your ideal timeframe to sell. This will help her create your individualized property pricing and marketing strategy.

What improvements have you completed?
Many significant improvements can’t be seen upon initial viewing. Have you replaced any of the heating & air conditioning components? Updated the hot water heater? These items can be significant marketing & pricing points. When in doubt, over share with your agent. She wants to know!

Condition. Are you prepared to make any repairs and/or staging efforts to sell your home?
It’s a great idea to consult with your chosen agent prior to completing any repairs, they can help prioritize which improvements will provide the most “Bang for your buck!”. Remember, agents work with Buyers and hear their feedback on a regular basis. They are your go-to reference to hear what the local home buying market is desiring.

Costs associated with selling your home.
Your chosen agent will provide you with her brokerage fee, as well as any standard local costs associated with selling your real estate property; including transfer taxes, recording fees, and seller paid inspections. If you have a mortgage, confirm the outstanding balance.

What initially attracted you to your house?
Chances are, the next home buyer will appreciate some of the items that YOU appreciated when purchasing the property. Can you think of any additional selling points that possibly your agent wouldn’t be aware of? Share these with your agent!

Of course, there are many more questions that can arise at an initial consultation, but the above items are great starter points to discuss. The most important thing to consider, is you must feel confident and comfortable with your agent. Transparency & honest communication are essential aspects in creating a successful experience.

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