Sarah Todd Severs


    About Sarah Todd Severs

    Being born and raised in the Waynesboro area has been a wonderful blessing for me! I love and know the area so well.

    I am a graduate of Longwood College with a degree in Health and Physical Education. I taught for several years, was a stay at home Mom for awhile and then decided to follow in my Mother’s footsteps and become a school Librarian. I received my certification in Library Science from JMU and later pursued my Masters in Educational Technology at VA Tech. The many years of researching as a Librarian serves me well in the real estate industry with the information seeking skills it takes to research the housing market. In addition, I truly understand the home construction business as I am co-owner of our family Construction business.

    My husband, John, and I are so blessed to have most of our 4 children and our grandchildren still in the area. We gather at our house on Sunday nights to be together as a family, to share the happenings in our lives, to laugh, talk, play and celebrate special birthdays and accomplishments! For this reason, I know how important the right house has to be to have that real home feel…one where love, excitement and warmth abound and offers just the right space for all those memories to happen! I would love to help you find that special “just right” place to meet whatever housing needs you may have.

    Even though I am a proud member of the Westhills Realtor team, I use the trade name of, “My Front Door Homes, LLC” as a unique way to distinguish my services. Please call on me anytime to get started on finding that real estate solution for you! I cannot wait to meet you!

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